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Community workshops

Our mission to increase the understanding, education and enjoyment of the historical past is realised through the delivery of workshops designed for all ages and a variety of occasions.

Aged care & respite


MOMO offers structured workshops to aged care homes in the Perth and Fremantle metropolitan areas.

Our workshops focus on objects that invoke memory and reminiscence and are based around tactile senses, with participants encouraged to hold, feel, remember and contribute.

These activities are a valuable stimulus for patients with Dementia, as well as being a means of looking back and interpreting our past contributions to this multicultural society through objects.

Workshops available – follow the links below for details:

1: WA’s early visitors (Historical/maritime archaeology)
2: Grandma’s timeline (Social history)
3: Shoebox archaeology (Archaeology)

Aged care workshop gallery – click on each image to view:

Aged care workshop - Aged care workshop - Aged care workshop Aged care workshop - Aged care workshop Aged care workshop

Special events


MOMO offers workshops to suit specific occasions, including:

• Children’s archaeology workshops at festivals such as Fairbridge, Bridgetown and York

• Indigenous workshops for schools for Reconciliation Week, NAIDOC, and National Sorry Day

• Tailor-made panel exhibitions with an 'object in focus' – available for loan to schools to celebrate the history, culture and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples

• School workshops for Australian National Heritage Week and Australian Archaeology Week – these reflect on stories and places that created part of Australia’s heritage



The Museum of Moving Objects undertakes an outreach program once a year, where we travel to smaller communities within the rural areas of Western Australia and delivers our school and community programs.

This is to ensure that school communities outside the metropolitan areas of Perth and Fremantle are able to experience and enjoy the programs that MOMO offers to school children in the urban areas.

More information

Please contact MOMO to discuss our workshops in further detail!

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