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MOMO’s artefact collections represent:


MOMO’s Indigenous artefact collection represents a cross-section of Indigenous artefacts from across Western Australia.

These artefacts are representative of the following four areas:
• The Kimberley
• The Pilbara (& coastlines)
• The Desert
• South West WA

Collections gallery

Long hunting spear – Swan river styleHafted kodja axe – South West WATaap knife, South West, WAHunting boomerang – Northern WA



This collection is comprised of a selection of artefacts originating from shipwreck sites and associated land sites within Western Australia.

These include glass bottles, ceramics (plates, cups, beakers, bottles), iron (cannon balls, tools, barrel hoops), coins, bone and concretions.

The majority of artefacts will be for handling purposes/excavation boxes for children.


A selection of 19th century artefacts from various excavation sites within Western Australia, representative of European colonisation and early settlement sites.

Collections gallery

Glass bottles, 19th & 20th century, found WABellarmine Jug, 17th century reproduction, Stoneware, Low CountriesKimberley Points, Kimberley areaBacked blades/microliths, WA

Social history

A collection of objects and historical documentation that reflects the material life of Western Australians.

Its purpose is to preserve and present the stories of West Australians, representing their lives through different periods, environments, socio-economic circumstances and culturally diverse backgrounds.

Items in the collection include toys, clothing (social/everyday wear, military, convict etc), utility & decorative objects, tools and photographs/archival documentation.

Collections gallery

Darning Mushroom, wood, late 19th century, EnglandSooty & Sweep, 1960/70sSchool children wearing clothing from the MOMO collectionBrownie Camera, early 20th century, England

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