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About Us

OUR FOCUS on combining our extensive professional experience with an efficient and modern approach to the disciplines of archaeology, museology and education.

OUR MISSION to increase the understanding, education and enjoyment of the historical past through the interaction and study of artefacts from past and present societies.

...are fun, learning by imagination and working together.


To enhance and assist school-based history curriculum by bringing history to life in the classroom through real artefacts, displays, touch tables, visual stimuli, role play and tactile learning experiences.

To generate a lifelong interest and enjoyment of humanity’s diversity and creativity.

To develop willingness in individuals to question past events and become informed and active citizens as they grow.

To engender the values of respect, empathy and tolerance.

To use a program design which will facilitate a smooth cross over for schools into the Australian National Curriculum, based on the familiar historical concepts of: Evidence; Continuity and Change; Cause and Effect; Significance; Empathy; Perspectives and Contestability.

To be a stepping stone to enhance the primary school student’s move into higher levels of historical inquiry, by developing skills of analysis and synthesis; the use of differing sources (primary and secondary) and skills of communication and explanation.

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